How to Include Disney Themes in Your Wedding in a Subtle Way


 By Connie Balluff Photography By Connie Balluff Photography


I planned my wedding a little too far in advance ?. What I mean by that is, I already knew exactly the theme that I wanted for years prior. It was a Tangled/Rapunzel themed wedding-I was in love with the movie for so long. Still love it! What I got concerned about while planning was that this theme would not be entirely possible without making it looked extremely cheesy. I didn’t want it to look like a kids birthday party, it was my wedding! I wanted it to look classy but still have an overall clear theme to my guests. I wondered how I would pull this off for a while until I found “Disney Bounding”.


 By Connie Balluff Photography By Connie Balluff Photography


Disney Bounding as Inspiration

Disney bounding was invented because adults were banned from wearing costumes at Disney. There are obvious reasons for this, the biggest one being that Disney could be liable for some random stranger dressing up as one of their trademarked characters and potentially hurting or traumatizing a kid (and no one wants that-Yiiiikes). So, as a replacement people started Disney bounding. Disney bounding is essentially taking the colors and general themes of a movie and incorporating it into an everyday outfit. I took inspiration from this and looked for the general color scheme and a few details from the movie that would fit perfectly in my wedding without it screaming Disney’s Rapunzel.


 By Connie Balluff Photography By Connie Balluff Photography




First two photos by sam anderson – rest of photos By Connie Balluff Photography

So easy to do

Seriously, this is insanely easy to do. All you have to do is, go to Pinterest, type in whatever movie you’re wanting to base your event off of, and then right after put, “color scheme”. BAM. It will show up so fast your head will spin! Now you already have a place to start! Just like that.

After you’ve figured out a general color scheme to go off of, find small details that you absolutely love from the movie to incorporate. So this would be things like an apple from Snow White, or a utensil centerpiece with seashells from The Little Mermaid. There are so many directions that you can take this! That’s why this is one of my favorite ways to plan a wedding style/aesthetic. You can make it entirely your own! As an example, for my wedding, I wanted to incorporate “When the Day Met the Night” as the main theme because my significant other and I were long distance for two years (and the P!ATD song because that’s how we met). So, along with the obvious sun logo from Tangled, I added in the moon! Super simple, didn’t stray so far from the Tangled aspect that it wasn’t obvious anymore, and it was entirely customized to our relationship ?.


 I feel horrible I don’t remember the artist who did this but I did ask them permission to use their work on this invite which I designed myself otherwise. I feel horrible I don’t remember the artist who did this but I did ask them permission to use their work on this invite which I designed myself otherwise.


That’s it!

It really is that simple! You can make it as complex or as minimal as you’d like. That’s what’s so fun about all of this! There’s really no limits to what you can do. Here’s a link to my Pinterest board for this exact topic, I hope you’ll find some inspiration from it! And another link to a wedding shoot I styled based off the play “Wicked”.



By Connie Balluff Photography

Happy Wedding Planning!

No one will be mad if you serve dole-whip ?. No matter what the disney theme, always serve dole-whip.



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