Salt Lake City Engagement Photos – LGBTQ+

Location – Salt Lake City, Engagement Photos:

I love taking photos in Salt Lake City! I especially love Salt Lake City for engagement photos! Chelsea and Mary reached out to me to do their Christmas card photos several weeks ago. They said they wanted something unique, close-by, and more urban. I had a few different places in mind but went to instagram & google to scout out places for this lovely couple! After a few minutes of searching I found the Maven District! They have tons of different murals, plain backdrops, as well as an adorable (and noteworthy, as I’ve come to find out!) record shop. Randy’s Records is located in Salt Lake City, Utah and they have an amazing record selection! Plus, the outside of the shop is eclectic and perfect for unique photos. The Maven District area is a breath of fresh air as a photographer. It wasn’t extremely crowded with people, which is perfect in the midst of a global pandemic!

I know Utah is known most for the stunning nature scenery, but I think Downtown Salt Lake City is underrated as a photo location! In fact, along with these I took more engagement photos in Salt Lake City that got published in Rocky Mountain Bride this past September. Check it out here! Plus, downtown SLC is so diverse. You can even get nature & elegance near the Salt Lake City Capitol Building! Here’s an elopement I took there in March to show you how different the scenery can be downtown. I’m a bit obsessed with the area, and can you blame me?! It’s so much fun to get creative there. If you’re trying to decide on locations to take engagement photos in Utah, definitely consider downtown Salt Lake City! You can get so much variety within a 5-10 minute drive in the city.

The Session:

Back to this amazing session! After chatting with Chelsea and Mary for a bit, I found out that Chelsea is a realtor in Salt Lake City. She was telling me all about her job and we connected on so many things right away. Not only that but these two remind me so much of my own relationship with my husband. They are so genuinely in love with each other-and equally obsessed with each other! I connected with them so much. They were even as kind as to buy me some ice cream at Normal Ice Cream in SLC (which was AMAZING!). I hope I did their love justice here!

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She is also great at making you feel comfortable during photos. Marina knows how to pose people alone, couples, and groups in a way that doesn’t make them look like horrible mid-2000’s mall portraits.

- Sydney