Gender Affirming Photo Sessions (G.A.P.S.) Trans Friendly Photographer – SLC, Utah

Oh my god, y’all. It’s been a while. But! I’m back and guys, I’m back with my very good friends Legendarium Books in Salt Lake City, Utah. G.A.P.S. (or Gender/Trans Affirming Photo Sessions) was an idea born out of a photo session, the very one pictured here, I took in January of 2020. Being a trans & queer friendly photographer, this session was equally meaningful to both my subject and I in a way I had never experienced before. I saw someone’s euphoria, visibility, and empowerment. I was able to be apart of it by capturing someone as they’ve always felt.

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Sessions are available every hour from
6:15 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. on the 22nd
& every hour from 4:15 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. on the 23rd 🩷.

My own journey of healing has been supported by my friends at Legendarium by providing a third-space to get to know people in my local queer, trans, and non-binary community. By making friends and community who understands, accepts, and supports me, I have been able to find healing from a severe OCD episode that made it hard for me to function as a person for several years. The least I could do is offer a service I know how to do well as a trans friendly photographer/queer friendly photographer. Especially being queer myself! Becoming close with so many at The Legendarium within the past year, who are a trans owned and operated business, I saw something I could truly offer in my world. Something I could offer as a positive impact to the local community I love so much and has loved me back equally.

Having a space like Legendarium to offer these sessions in is amazing for the community because it’s a safe space for trans folx.

I find that often, some people’s very first encounters with trans individuals is in this space. It’s invaluable for queer and trans, non-binary youth who have never interacted with other queer or trans people. It’s often the first moments of someone seeing trans and queer love, celebration, visibility, and pride.

Not only does the space have a genderless bathroom, but they’re also offering us the option of privacy via their basement space (there will be the option of an outdoor area for anyone who may not be able to make it in the space downstairs, there will be reasonable efforts made to maintain privacy outside). Legendarium is a judgement free space where everyone can feel secure to express themselves authentically. This space is perfect for an event that is vulnerable and needs an immense amount of compassion and thought. I can’t personally think of a better space to offer a trans affirming/gender affirming photography sessions than a trans friendly space like Legendarium!

But, what does “trans/gender affirming” mean in the context of portrait photography?

As many of you who are reading may already know, trans affirming/gender affirming care is a life-long journey. There are many important milestones that are both internal and external in transitioning. As a portrait photographer of many years, something I can tell you first hand is that photos are a sensitive spot for most. It doesn’t feel comfortable to have your picture captured when you’re not feeling confident, when you don’t feel like you look yourself. This is true across every person I’ve ever photographed, but especially true being a queer friendly and trans friendly photographer in Utah.

When people do start outwardly affirming their gender/trans identity, it can be a true source of joy and empowerment. For many, looking in the mirror and seeing who they’ve always felt they were is something that is empowering to have captured. What a beautiful way to celebrate, have pride, and be visible. I believe everyone deserves photos they love of themselves. Photos they want to share with their friends and loved ones on social media. Photos that make them feel feminine, masculine, androgynous or just like, well, …them!

These sessions are for you if you’ve recently switched up your style, had any gender affirming surgery, or really anything to outwardly affirm/support your gender that you’d like captured in photos! Whether that be to have more masculinizing photos, feminizing photos, or androgynous photos of yourself – having quality photos you love of yourself is one of the most affirming things you can do for yourself.

I hope these photos can serve to elevate the visibility of trans and non-binary people within my community. And to share (w/ permission, of course!) their stories through this art.

So, do I have to be a model/know how to pose?

NO! As a queer friendly and trans friendly wedding & portrait photographer of over 10 years – I know how sensitive it is to pose in front of a camera. It feels vulnerable to have a literal lens observing you and capturing you. Especially when there’s a person on the other side of that lens. I have worked with about 6 models in my time photographing.
That makes over 90% of the people I have photographed, people who have no experience modeling. Another commonality between the people I have photographed? They don’t feel comfortable posing and don’t know how to, MOST of the time! I pose my subjects to be flattering and I always guide them to looking the absolute best they can. I work to empower my subjects by communicating what feels comfortable for them and what their ideal type  of posing (i.e. more masc, femme, or gender queer) and vibe is before and during our session. These sessions are meant to be celebratory of YOU! I want to capture whatever that is for every individual I work with.

How much does this cost and
what would I receive for the price?

I am so excited about this new pricing structure that I have come up with! In order to continue to financially support myself, value the skills I have honed for over a decade + my time, all while making these sessions accessible to as many as I can, I have come up with the following:

  • $80 sitting fee (30 minute time slot)

  • $10/per final photo, minimum of 2 photos, with the ability to purchase more later at the same price!

    • This accounts for my total time setting up the sessions and editing my work to deliver the final product. On average, every 30 minute session = 3 hours of work total. What you experience in studio is very far from the only thing I do! I dedicate a lot of time to making images the best they possibly can be behind the scenes. While that work isn’t actively in front of my subject, it’s work nonetheless! Not only that but, one of the most important pieces of my work and what makes it special and unique.
  • Add those two together to get the first part of your total, and then account for tax. So, with that in mind the formula goes as following:

    $80 + $10(x) = y + y (0.0725)

If you purchase the full max package, you’ll get 10 photos PLUS 5 photos at a discounted rate 🥰.

Where can I get more information for Gender Affirming Photo Sessions/ G.A.P.S. ?

I have a quick form to fill out for you here!
There’s also a lot of ways I have left open to provide more feedback for these sessions! Totally optional but the more feedback I get, the better these sessions become for everyone. I want to make these sessions as queer and trans friendly as a I can. The more I hear from the community, the better!



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She is also great at making you feel comfortable during photos. Marina knows how to pose people alone, couples, and groups in a way that doesn’t make them look like horrible mid-2000’s mall portraits.

- Sydney