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Utah Lake Windy Hillside Engagement Session

I got the pleasure of meeting Doug and Dany through them winning one of my giveaways! While talking with Dany we discussed how they love to laugh and love neutral color schemes. I knew the perfect location as soon as they told me this! I got to shoot with Kristina Curtis Photography during a mentor session on a windy day in May back in 2017 at this location and ever since then, I’ve been dying to come back to shoot. What better opportunity than to take this sweet couple above Utah Lake on a windy day for their engagements!

Utah has been quite the force of nature (literally) lately and a lot of locals have been joking that we all can’t remember ever moving to Portland 😉 lol. At first I was a little nervous this shoot wasn’t going to be possible on the day we chose because of the rain, but as soon as we met up Dany mentioned how much she loved the grey skies behind her and I knew that we had made the right decision in keeping our session time. From there this lovely couple worked with me even though it was sprinkling and at times a bit awkward, because who isn’t a bit awkward their first time in front of a professional photographer? Right?! I’m so glad I could ease their initial tension in the session and just have fun! We got so many amazing shots with Utah Lake in the background, the wind blowing in Dany’s hair, and of course lots and lots of laughter between the two of them. This was such a beautiful session and I am so happy with how it turned out. These two could honestly be professional models after this. They were naturals after the first couple of poses! Check it out!

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Our experience with her in one word was professional. She was talkative, respectful, nice, and quick! Half the time Emmett and I didn’t even realize we were taking pictures cause we were having so much fun.

- Gracey