Utah Salt Flats Wedding Guide



The salt flats are far away from amenities



The salt flats are far away from any city. There is nothing around the salt flats. There are no restaurants, no gas stations-it is truly barren. Planning an event there would take a lot of preparation for this reason alone. It’s 110 miles one way from Salt Lake City. This isn’t to discourage anyone but this is something you should know. Especially if you plan to have any wedding vendors involved-most will charge you a travel fee to get there. It’s a day trip for sure and it’s something you have to plan for if you’re wanting a wedding with guests there. Most people tend to choose to elope there instead for this reason. Eloping is definitely the easier option but it’s still totally possible to hold a wedding at the salt flats!

Be prepared to have whatever shoes you wear + the bottoms of your
dresses/pants to be covered in salt residue



Yup! A little fun fact here is that the salt flats are genuinely just…table salt, and mud but mostly salt! Your shoes are in for a treat. I’ve walked on the flats barefoot and it’s just as unpleasant as it sounds so plan your wardrobe accordingly. I’d try to pick shoes that are flat on the bottom (and that you don’t care about that much) so you can distribute your weight on the flats without sinking too much into the mud. Overall though, getting salt and mud on you is unavoidable there. Luckily, the most popular site within the salt flats area has a rest stop with bathrooms and a place to rinse off the salt from your feet/shoes. This would also be a great place to choose to be near if you’re planning a wedding with guests. The rest stop provides many amenities (just not a solid meal outside of some vending machine snacks ?). It’s also great because this is the best place to view the mountains at the salt flats so if that’s important to your overall wedding feel and look then this is where I’d plan to go!

It can get extremely hot and cold



Depending on what time of year you’ve chosen to host your event, there can be two extremes you run into- Either temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer or temperatures well below 0 in the winter. Make sure any guests you invite are aware of the weather whatever day you plan to go! According to the Bureau of Land Management (the people who are in charge of/maintain the flats), “Ultraviolet radiation coming off the salt can be intense – be sure to wear sunscreen and sun protective clothing. Be aware that violent winds and storms can strike at all times of year. Stay alert and aware of weather conditions at all times.” Be aware and be careful! Remember the salt flats are a desert. They can definitely be unforgiving if you’ve come unprepared.

The salt flats flood



Depending on what time of year you’re planning to go, you may run into more issues due to flooding. From about November through May the salt flats flood. Unlike more dry seasons, you cannot drive on the salt flats when they are flooded. People like to drive on the salt flats to get to more secluded areas (and to race!) but during this time of year it is strictly prohibited and for good reason. People have gotten vehicles stuck there and died ?. Yikes. But if you’re not planning on driving on the flats, you can totally walk on it! Just be aware if you’re planning a wedding that the water can get pretty deep and you will get wet and muddy. It’s gorgeous though! The reflections can be seriously breathtaking. If you’re wanting those gorgeous reflections I’d suggest going towards the end of flooding season, beginning of May through to the beginning of June. These times of year the flats still have water on them but aren’t nearly as wet compared to the other months where it’s totally flooded.



Overall, be careful on the salt flats



The salt flats are breathtaking but unforgivably harsh at the same time. Come prepared with lots of water and always test the land you’re walking on before putting your full weight on it. It’s not uncommon for people to get stuck in the mud there, and as far as I can remember there’s not much cell service out in the area. Be careful and always update yourself with the weather! You wouldn’t want to get stuck out in a windstorm there, trust me. But as you can see with all of my images, the salt flats are one of the most unique places on earth. It’s why movies like Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed there! There’s nothing else like the salt flats, any wedding or elopement would be stunning there! Good luck and happy wedding planning ☺️.

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