What to Look for When Hiring a Wedding Photographer

I think everyone gets stressed out about photos and being in front of a camera because they fully grasp the importance of a photo. Photos mean a lot to everyone. It comes from wanting the absolute best and loving photos of you and your loved ones. Here’s what to look for to get the best:



1. follower count ≠ A good experience

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard horrible experiences come out of hiring an “Instagram famous photographer”. Mass amounts of followers doesn’t mean anything when it comes to good customer service.

Look for:

  • Reviews, via website or social media. See what customers say about their experience with them.

  • How they describe working with you/the customer

  • Personality! You want to make sure you’ll mesh so you can feel comfortable in front of their camera!

  • And of course, make sure you like their work! If you hate how they normally edit, you won’t want to hire them. Look for full wedding galleries, from getting ready to ceremony, to reception! Here’s an example of a full gallery.



2. Communication

I mentioned looking for personality to feel comfortable with a photographer, along those lines you’ll want to make sure you can easily and openly communicate with them. You’ll have to discuss the amount of coverage you’ll need (by the hour) and if you’ll want any sessions so you can get exactly what you want! Being able to communicate easily is the most important aspect in photography, imo.

Look for:

  • Response time – I respond in 24hrs! For example.

  • Their ability to answer your questions clearly. Tip: come up with a few before reaching out!



3. M-m-m-moNey, moNey

Do they mention money on their site? How? Is it easily accessible to find a deposit amount/starting price/get a free quote? Knowing someone is being open about numbers is important. Every couple has different needs so if a photographer doesn’t have a price on their site, still reach out and see how easy it is to get a quote for your needs. For example, I do custom pricing for everyone but have a starting price listed as well!



so you’ve found your photographer
…Now what?

I can’t speak for every photographer but generally most photographers I know personally and myself have a process like this:

  • You reach out with your date, we contact you back with our availability

  • We talk about your needs for coverage + sessions

  • You’ll receive package options with price points

  • Decide on a package

  • Pay deposit

  • Sign agreement/contract

    • An agreement or contract is just a way of establishing what work will be done, what our work looks like and or what you should expect from our service.



That’s it! Not too bad, huh? I hope this helps you in your wedding planning ❤️. And please contact me if you’re ever in need of photos or just want to ask me a quick question! I’m all ears ?.


Im Marina Rey!

Wedding and portrait photographer of 7 years plus 2 years of studio photography experience!
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