Wheeler Farm Family Photos – Two Year Old Photos

I love Wheeler Farm for family photos! It has so many background options from nature scenery, textured walls, as well as animals for kids to go see. It’s also so fun to capture kid’s authentic reactions to all the animals at Wheeler Farm. Wheeler farm also has some old farming equipment that toddlers, kids, and people of all ages will love to climb on and explore! There’s plenty of places to get beautiful family photos and capture your kid’s authentic expressions at Wheeler Farm. Family of three posing together with a nature backdrop behind them at Wheeler Farm in Murray, Utah. Family of three posing together with a nature backdrop behind them at Wheeler Farm in Murray, Utah. A father is holding his child, a river is running behind them at Wheeler Farm.

There’s even a river that runs through Wheeler Farm! Taking your kids out to explore all that Wheeler Farm has to offer is so worth it. From rustic barns, haystacks, wagons, trailers, sheep, goats, even a seasonal maze Wheeler Farm hosts every October for small children! A father is holding and smiling at his child in a black and white photo. Father and son are together in front of a river at Wheeler Farm. Mom and child smiling, looking out onto a duck pond at Wheeler Farm in Murray, Utah.

Wheeler Farm is a great spot for family photos not just because of the scenery but because of the educational aspect! Wheeler Farm has tours that will walk you through the history of the farm and even show your kids how to milk a cow! There’s so many fun and enriching aspects of Wheeler Farm that will make you want to stay after your family photos are done being taken.  Toddler playing in the dirt near the duck pond at Wheeler Farm in Utah. Child looking over a park bench at Wheeler Historic Farm, Murray, UT.

Unlike other natural locations, there’s plenty of spots for sitting down for some quick family photos! From benches, to vintage trucks, to tractors, and even some small staircases there’s so many options for the kiddos to sit down without any worries that they’ll get their photo clothes dirty. Wheeler Farm is such a versatile location and you don’t even have to walk very far to get a variety of photo backdrops!

Family of three smiling & posing together. A brick barn is behind them at Wheeler Farm in Murray, Utah.

These are part of two different historic buildings at Wheeler Farm. This brick barn at Wheeler Farm makes for a stunning background for family photos! As well, there are several wood buildings around the property that will give more texture and dimension to your family photos.

Did I mention that Wheeler Farm has plenty of room for your kids to get their energy out? It does! Wheeler Farm even has a playground for kids. The amount of room at Wheeler Farm is also great if you have concerns around social distancing. Even if your kids aren’t big on playgrounds, they’re guaranteed to find somewhere to go that will occupy their attention! Toddler climbing a tree stump at Wheeler Farm in Utah. Toddler running and laughing on a path at Wheeler Farm during family photos. Child sitting on a path at Wheeler Farm for family photos. Family of three walking and smiling together for family photos at Wheeler Farm.

Wheeler Farm even has horses! And not to worry, the only animals that roam around the farm are ducks and geese. All the other farm animals are in well-maintained pens. Your kids are always going to be safe at Wheeler Farm! That’s also why it’s also such a popular location to walk dogs. If you want a furry-family member to be apart of your family photos, Wheeler Farm is the perfect location to choose!  Toddler peeking through a vintage pickup truck window at Wheeler Farm. Mom and child can be seen through a vintage pickup truck window smiling at each other. They're taking family photos at Wheeler Farm.

These vintage pieces of farm equipment and trucks will add the perfect touch of rustic to your family photos! The other amazing part of Wheeler Farm family photos is that it’s the perfect location no matter the season. Wheeler Farm is the perfect photo location in Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring! All this to say, you can’t go wrong with this location! Plus, if you’re ever looking to have a perfectly rustic wedding, Wheeler Farm also serves as a venue. I also happen to be a wedding photographer serving the Salt Lake City area! Be sure to check out my work here if you’re looking for wedding vendors 🥰.

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